Congratulations to Cobb Community Impact Grant Applicants

The Cobb Community Impact Grant is a partnership between Cobb County Government and Cobb Community Foundation that supports community nonprofit organizations with their missions that create new programs to improve the quality of life in Cobb County.

2017 Cobb Community Impact Grant Information


The Cobb Community Impact Grant Committee received 69 applications presenting new or expanded existing programs. Award recipients were announced at our Partners in Philanthropy Luncheon on May 8th.

We are so proud of the 69 Applicants and the Cobb Community Foundation promises continued support by linking all of our Cobb Community Impact Grant applicants to our Foundation Partners through Cobb Community Foundation’s website.

** Grant Winner 


A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab
Our mission is to provide expert and compassionate rehabilitation therapy and residential care to seniors in metro Atlanta.
Program: Enhancing A.G. Rhodes Therapeutic Services, Sustainability and Impact with an Inviting Entrance
We want to develop innovative programs that enhance the quality of life of those we serve. First, we must strengthen our position in the community. The entrance to our home was built in 1992 and is sorely in need of horticulture and landscaping. As newer, for-profit nursing homes are built, we know that to stay relevant our entrance needs minor improvements or we limit our capacity to serve. The entrance would serve as a therapy garden.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 500

Actors Theatre of Georgia
Actors Theatre of Georgia (ATG) is dedicated to theatre that is inclusive, intersectional, explosive, and entertaining. We aim to express a range of voices, representing the diversity of our ensemble, our Atlanta community, and our world as a whole. We want our patrons to enter our theatre and find themselves in a space that is welcoming and inclusive to all, and we want them to leave feeling inspired.
Program: Speak to Soar: A Young Artist’s Workshop. Reach in to speak out!
Middle school students often struggle to express themselves. Every day in Speak to Soar, campers will practice expressing themselves through both movement, speech, and writing. They will develop performance pieces based on their life stories, which they will perform as an ensemble in a showcase at the end of the program.
Amount Requested: $6,355
People Impacted: 16

Acworth Cultural Arts Center
Our mission is to provide a framework where the creative energy of the community can come together through the arts to enhance quality of life. The ACAC was formed to address a significant unmet demand by building partnerships to enable the arts to flourish. The arts include music, dance, theater, visual and literary arts.
Program: 2nd Annual Allatoona Book Fest and Writers Symposium
This 2-day event celebrates Georgia writers, provides interaction with fellow authors and engages the public through book displays, workshops and speakers. The success of last year’s Fest demonstrates the need in our area to make this an annual event to promote the literary arts. We will build on last year’s Fest, by broadening support from and engagement with the community.
Amount Requested: $4,500
People Impacted: 500

**Aloha To Aging, Inc.
Our mission is to empower family caregivers, aging care recipients, our community and volunteers in a positive nurturing manner through quality programming.
Program: Aging Simulation Sensitivity Training (ASiST) and Dementia 24/7
This program expansion includes providing information (reference cards) and interactive classroom training to local police, lay persons, business professionals, paid caregivers, youth 13+ and the growing population of family caregivers to help them better understand and relate to the increasing number of aging individuals with special health related needs.
Amount Requested: $8,000
People Impacted: 1,600

**ArtsBridge Foundation. Inc.
“To Educate, Inspire and Motivate Georgia’s Youth through the Arts” drives our daily
focus to provide high quality performing arts education programs for our private, public, charter and homeschool students, K-12, in Georgia, filling a critical gap many schools no longer provide. ArtsBridge paves the way for students to experience and benefit from the positive power of the Arts.”
Program: 2017-2018 ArtsBridge Field Trip Program Subsidies
ArtsBridge will present 12 Field Trips for our students and schools in our upcoming 2017-2018 Season. To insure we reach as many deserving Cobb County schools as possible, we request this grant to provide free ($10) tickets for 900 Title 1 Cobb County and City of Marietta Schools’ 6-12th grade students to experience our “Mayhem Poets” Field Trip on October 2, 2017, which will be purchased in September 2017.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 900

ASFIP Foundation
The ASFIP Foundation Inc. was formed to support the community by enhancing our neighbors’ understanding of finance, economics and investing. Our mission is: To provide life-long learning and development in financial and investment knowledge in order to contribute to the stability and success of individuals and families in our community. We also mentor and educate local college students and provide them with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience managing an investment fund and learning about philanthropy.
Program: Animation of Financial Literacy Principles by the ASFIP Foundation
Our vision is to put presentations and animations on our YouTube page with the keys to financial wellbeing. Whiteboard animations are an effective way to communicate verbally and visually with text and images. The short and concise nature makes them very successful with students.
Amount Requested: $5,000
People Impacted: 2,000

Atlanta GLOW (Growing Leadership Of Women)
Atlanta GLOW’s mission is to encourage, educate and equip young, low-income women to be thriving, self-sustaining leaders and effective agents of economic growth within their communities.
Program: Atlanta GLOW College and Career Center
To keep up with demand, Atlanta GLOW will expand our mobile Career Closet into a permanent space in Cobb County. Our Career Closet provides gently used business attire, free of charge, to young women unable to afford them, and career services such as mock interviews, resume assistance, employment information, professional makeovers and career coaching.
Amount Requested: $8,500
People Impacted: 150

Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.
Atlanta Legal Aid’s mission is to deliver legal services and education designed to improve the social, political, and economic conditions of low-income persons; to serve as a catalyst for social change to benefit low-income persons; to prepare and furnish information to low-income persons about their rights so as to provide full benefit, enjoyment, and protection of their legal, economic, and social rights.
Program: Legal Aid of Cobb County Outreach Project
The Project expands current outreach efforts to improve access to quality legal services among low-income Cobb residents. Legal needs related to housing and consumer issues left unaddressed can lead to income instability and homelessness. Access to quality legal services helps to ensure all Cobb citizens opportunity to meet basic needs- enough food to eat, a safe home, and protection from fraud and abuse.
Amount Requested: $7,260
People Impacted: 600

Atlanta Lyric Theatre
Atlanta Lyric Theatre is dedicated to producing the best in musical theatre and fostering the growth of the Atlanta theatrical community by showcasing local professional talent. Through educational programs and pursuit of artistic excellence, The Lyric seeks to inform and expand the audience for musical theatre in the greater metropolitan area.
Program: Teen Takeover
Teen Takeover is a discount ticket offering for students and teens. The Lyric offers $15 tickets to opening night performances, a 75% savings. Affordable tickets will increase attendance by this group. This grant would expand Teen Takeover to have targeted focus on Cobb by funding outreach to schools, print materials and study guides to complement programming. This grant would also fund post show programming.
Amount Requested: $6,000
People Impacted: 4,000

Austell Community Taskforce Inc.
Our mission is for Community stakeholders to actively work together to develop community neighborhoods and resident associations for the purpose of enhancing community capacity and achieving common goals.
Program: Expanding our Annual back to school program including a 5k race, healthy cooking, and wellness initiatives. Health Initiatives with the addition of a 5K race and expansion of workshops from 8 to 10 will educate families, youth, and the community to eat healthier, gain more energy and improve cognitive thinking.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 1,400

**BackPack Blessings, Inc.
Our mission is to provide food for elementary school children who qualify for the free or reduced meal plan and who may go without food over the weekend, while at home.
Program: Expansion of BackPack Program
The child food insecurity rate for Cobb County is 22.3 percent. According to Feeding America, childhood hunger costs each US citizen over $500 annually based on the impact of educational delays, lost income over time, absenteeism, and health problems. Our backpack program aims to address this need in Cobb County. With this grant, we can serve an additional 100 children.
Amount Requested: $8,000
People Impacted: 100

**Boy Scouts of America, Atlanta Area Council
The Atlanta Area Council, Boy Scouts of America provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.
Program: The Cobb County After School Scouting program
The Cobb County After School Scouting program is a project that was initially created with the help of Marietta City Schools Superintendent Dr. Emily Lembeck and is supported by Cobb County Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. This program provides experiences of the Scouting program to high risk, low income youth across the Cobb County education system. Without this program these youth may not have the opportunity to benefit from Scouting.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 1,920

**Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta
Our mision is to save and change the lives of children and teens, especially those who need us most by providing a safe, positive, and engaging environment and programs that prepare and inspire them to achieve Great Futures.
Program: Brain Gain
Low-income students lose more than two months in reading achievement during summer months. For this reason, we offered Summer Brain Gain to youth in grades 3rd-8th in 2016 to combat summer learning loss. We plan to expand this program to serve youth in grades K-2 and 9-12 to ensure we meet our vision that 90% of the youth we serve are on track to graduate on time.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 90

Bullock Hope House
The Bullock Foundation is dedicated to providing complimentary housing for out of town patients and their
caregivers while the patient is undergoing medical treatments in local area hospitals. Our partnership with the WellStar Cobb/JMS Burn Center is in its third year as we continue to provide free housing for families of burn patients and burn patients as well.
Program: New support program for burn patients, families and caregivers at WellStar Cobb Burn Center.
This new program will provide complimentary supplies and gas cards to qualified families and caregivers of burn or wound victims during in patient recovery at WellStar Cobb’s Burn Center and/or staying at the Bullock Hope House, which is free as long as they are being treated at this facility.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 9,000

Celebrate Life International, Inc. – Teach One to Lead One
Teach One to Lead One (T1L1) is a community-mentoring program that teaches universal principles to lead at-risk kids into a life of purpose and potential.
Program: Teach One to Lead One, a community mentoring program, for 9th graders at South Cobb High School
Trained mentors empower students to handle adversity, and make better choices in the face of adversity. South Cobb, a Title 1 high school, has a 73.4% graduation rate (14th out of 17 Cobb schools). T1L1 meets the needs of these students by establishing strong and healthy mentoring relationships while role modeling character and leadership traits.
Amount Requested: $4,500
People Impacted: 80

Center for Family Resources
The Center for Family Resources is moving people to self-sufficiency through financial stabilization, housing, and education.
Program: Homeless Prevention
CFR provides financial assistance to help people get back on their feet, maintain their permanent housing, and therefore prevent them from becoming homeless. This prevention is critical to keeping a family stable and intact. An impact grant would allow CFR to stabilize and prevent homelessness for approximately 9 additional families.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 12

Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc.
Center for Pan Asian Community Services(CPACS) is a private nonprofit located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to promote self-sufficiency and equity for immigrants, refugees, and the underprivileged through comprehensive health and social services, capacity building, and advocacy.
Program: CPACS’ Adult Education Program. CPACS’ Adult Education Program helps adult learners become active participants in their communities and develop the kind of knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to navigate workplace, governmental, educational and other American institutions, such as banking and health care. Participants exit the course with enhanced English skills as well as preparedness for the U.S. Naturalization examination.
Amount Requested: $5,000
People Impacted: 50

**Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
By making kids better today and healthier tomorrow, Children’s creates a model of healthcare that goes way beyond traditional medicine to create a healing environment specially designed for kids. Children’s is committed to expanding and leveraging our existing programs, services and resources to improve the health of children throughout the state.
Program: Play therapy activities for the Town Center Urgent Care Center
Play and distraction therapies help children cope with the stress of being in a medical setting. While we try to provide a calm, child-centered environment for our patients, we lack activities for them in our waiting area at our Urgent Care at Town Center. This grant helps us keep our promise of making kids comfortable and happy while in our care.
Amount Requested: $5,000
People Impacted: 30,000

**Cobb Community Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse, Inc.
The mission of the Cobb Community Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse (CCAPSA) is to leverage strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations to promote health and wellness within Cobb by preventing the onset of substance use and abuse among youth through enforcement, policy and educational strategic goals. We accomplish this through evidence-based programming.
Program: Los Peligros de Drogas (The Danger of Drugs) Translation/printing of our resource guide covering prescription drugs. Our 2016 resource guide focused on opioids. The guide will be translated into Spanish, distributed through our 2 school systems and throughout Cobb. Board member Karelis Ferrer, Latino Outreach director for LiveSAFE Resources, speaks of the need for this resource. Hispanic students comprise 21% of Cobb County and 27% of Marietta City Schools. Translation in May; printing in July; guides available by August 1.
Amount Requested: $4,500
People Impacted: 25,000

**Cobb County Public Schools Educational Foundation, Inc.
The Foundation is dedicated to supporting, rewarding and enhancing the schools, staff and students of Cobb County School District by providing teacher grants,scholarships to CCSD graduating seniors,  After School Program scholarships for kids in need. Working to coordinate efforts with the CCSD administrators and staff to identify programs and projects in need of additional funding resources to ensure a safe and successful  environment for students in our schools.
Program: Kids First/ ASP Scholarships
We work in coordination with the Guidance Counselors and school Social Workers to identify students who need financial assistance to attend the After School Program at their school for tutoring and educational enrichment in a safe environment in their school. Cobb County school District operates ASP programs in 64 elementary schools.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 200

**Cobb County Youth Museum
The Youth Museum is a non-profit educational resource center offering children the opportunity to learn about significant historical, social, and cultural events through instructional activities which integrate arts and education while emphasizing personal involvement and participation.
Program: Program Expansion to meet the requirements of the Georgia Standards of Excellence
The Georgia Department of Education’s 2017 implementation of the Georgia Standards of Excellence requires adaptation and expansion of our American’s Pathways to Independence Program. To continue to provide this extension of the classroom to Cobb county students, new scripts, staff training, costumes, puppets and other visual aids are required.
Amount Requested: $6,000
People Impacted: 16,000

Communities In Schools of Marietta/Cobb County, Inc.
Communities In Schools of Marietta/Cobb County (CISMCC) is an affiliate of the national Communities In Schools organization, whose mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.
Program: Site Coordination Program
Our students lack exposure to unique opportunities and experiences. The Choice Bus is a traveling interactive presentation that is designed to link future situations to the choices made today. Our students will witness how choices can lead to positive or negative consequences. After the presentation, students will tour local colleges to expose them to the exciting opportunities after high school.
Amount Requested: $7,200
People Impacted: 300

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy
Our mission is to partner with parents to build within their children a firm foundation of academic excellence and Christian discipleship.
Program: Farm2Fork
The grant would enable Cornerstone Prep to expand its current Farm2Fork program which is offered to 3rd-10th grade students.  The expansion would include purchasing and installing a greenhouse for the Teaching Garden. The greenhouse is an integral part of the outdoor Teaching Garden, allowing students to grow and harvest fresh food year round.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 166

Davis Direction Foundation
The mission of the Davis Direction Foundation (DDF) is to serve as a role model in our community to become a national resource for opioid/heroin addiction awareness and change. The DDF funds The Zone, a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) which provides a safe place for all people to seek, maintain, support, and enjoy long term recovery.
Program: Davis Direction Foundation Re-Entry Certification Program
DDF seeks to partner with Cobb Accountability Courts to expand re-entry support by providing an internship to individuals with non-violent drug offenses with substance use disorders, to reduce recidivism and increase the number of individuals living in long term recovery. This grant will assist with the costs of the 90-day pilot program, 7/1-9/30.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 32

Destiny’s Daughters of Promise
The mission of Destiny’s Daughters of Promise is to prepare teen girls for college, careers and life of bold success, by inspiring civic engagement, cultivating independence and encouraging dynamic leadership.
Program: Techy Kids Coding and Science Expansion Project
Last year, DDP successfully implemented the Techy Kids summer program for one full week. The teens gained exposure to basic programming concepts through assigned coding activities. Response from teens and parents were positive. We would like to expand this summer camp so that students will gain additional exposure to basic programming and sessions in science. The teens will discover and analyze different chemicals found in foods.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 50

Earl Smith Strand Theatre
Our mission is to Partner and Serve – by providing cultural entertainment, programs, and meeting space that is accessible to a diverse audience, benefits the community, and promotes economic development; to Entertain and Educate– by offering a unique venue that provides high quality and a variety of performing arts, films, education programs and special events; and to Preserve and Promote – by remaining financially sound.
Program: Inclusion Initiative
This program would allow three arts groups that focus on arts for underrepresented populations to use The Strand for a two night show run at no cost. Priority would be given to original works that include an educational component. This program would also include free mentoring/training with The Strand staff on production planning, marketing, lighting, sound, and tech. The final events would be free to the public.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 2,250

**East Cobb Lions Club Foundation, Inc.
Our mission is to serve our communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through service to others.
Program: KidsSight Plus
Last year we concentrated on ages 6 months to 9 years. This expanded project will encompass all ages but focuses on school age children.
Amount Requested: $4,700
People Impacted: 14,000

Elite Women of Excellence
The mission of Elite Women of Excellence (EWOE) is to unleash the full potential of teenage girls to make wise decisions as they stand on principles, passion and purpose.
Program: “S.U.C.C.E.S.S” – Strengthening Useful Communication Competencies and Essential Soft Skills
This new introductory course will focus on core communication skills referred to as “soft skills.” S.U.C.C.E.S.S. consists of 24 hours of instruction and training to include mock interviews, communications, networking and team building. Improved soft skills will make the girls stronger candidates for scholarships, internships and employment.
Amount Requested: $4,988
People Impacted: 180

**Family Life Restoration Center, Inc.
We are committed to creating a center that is dedicated to supporting, restructuring and restoring the family lifestyle back to its original plan. It is our endeavor to meet the needs of the family structure by feeding, clothing, sheltering and educating families until they are fully functional.
Program: Chin Up Belly Full Hot Lunch Program
Chin Up Belly Full Program will be expanded. 2.3% of Georgia’s homeless resides in Cobb. Our ability to serve more families & to make sure that we meet health safety rules is limited by our need for upgrades. Cooking offsite and keeping the food warm by chafing fuel limits us in feeding all the families that need a hot meal. Cooking onsite will meet this need.
Amount Requested: $7,884
People Impacted: 52

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
FCA’s mission is to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
Program: Unmasked Girl’s Conference, UWG Team Football Camp, Power Camp
Unmasked Girl’s Conference is for 8th-12th grade girls to come learn over a weekend where their worth lies in a world that tells them they are unworthy. There will be around 200 girls. Power Camp is a week-long day camp at Frey for elementary aged students to learn their sport from the best coaches in Cobb!
Amount Requested: $10,000
People Impacted: 4,000

Food Security for America (FSA)
Our mission is to create communities across America to equip those in need of nutritious food.
Program: Friends and Neighbors Networks (FANNs) at four locations in Cobb County, offering fresh produce
In bi-weekly meetings the same low-income families unload and distribute 1/3 to 1/2 of their total food needs, collect a $4 fee and hold a membership meeting with presentations and spiritual time. They become truly food secure and resilient through membership. The families need nutritious, healthful fresh produce, which this grant will provide.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 366

**Georgia Symphony Orchestra
The mission of the Georgia Symphony Orchestra is to engage and enrich diverse audiences through the presentation of music at the highest level, striving to instill lifelong appreciation for the arts. Attention is given to developing partnerships with organizations emphasizing innovation, diversity, cultural awareness and artistic excellence.
Program: GSO Youth and Community Band (New expansion of GSO educational/community outreach programs). The GSO Youth and Community Band will be an expansion of our in-school partnership and youth educational programs. Eligible students will be coached to perform alongside professional GSO musicians. The inaugural performance will be Memorial Day weekend on the Marietta Square in partnership with the American Legion honoring our nation’s veterans.
Amount Requested: $6,000
People Impacted: 2,100

**Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta
Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
Program: “Camperships” for Economically Disadvantaged Cobb County Girls
Girl Scouts’ project is to increase the number of Cobb County girls served in our Outdoor Education Programming by 30, and we will achieve this by providing camp scholarships called “camperships” to disadvantaged Cobb County girls who are interested in attending Camp Timber Ridge (Mableton) but are unable to participate due to financial barriers.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 30

**Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta
Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through teaching girls to manage money, deal with peer pressure, critically examine the media, and develop a love of science and math. These programs equip girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers allowing them to break the cycle of poverty, achieve academic success and become healthy, educated and independent adults.
Program: Girls Inc. and Google Made w/ Code
Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta will implement the Google Made with Code Project, which inspires girls to learn to Code. Girls will discover how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) offer exciting opportunities today and for their future. Girls will explore interactive, hands-on STEM activities that will spark potential career interests, and opportunities.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 50

Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb
To spread the love of Christ by providing quality healthcare to those in need.
Program: Digitizing Dentistry
GSC currently uses a panoramic x-ray machine that uses physical film. X-ray processing is time consuming and limits efficiency and diagnostic ability. We hope that the purchase of a new digital panoramic x-ray machine will enable us to increase efficiency and improve our diagnostic ability, which will consequently improve the quality of care.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 450

Hands, Feet & Mouth, Inc.
Hands, Feet & Mouth, Inc. is a non-profit, neighborhood-based organization focused on positively changing the outcome of youth and stopping the proliferation of drugs in our communities. Through the neighborhood after-school program, specifically Community Study Hall, the organization focuses on enhancing the skills, abilities, health, and character of children, ranging from Pre-K to Middle School.
Program: Rose Garden/Davenport Town Community Study Hall (“RG/DT CSH”)
RG/DT CSH is an academically-focused neighborhood after-school program for students from PreK to Middle School. The program provides Homework Assistance, Math/Reading Remediation, and Life Skills Workshops and is being expanded to support 20 additional students and to provide educational field trips. By having a paid Site Coordinator, the program can support having additional students and the health fair.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 280

Kennesaw Museum Foundation, Inc.
The mission of the Kennesaw Museum Foundation, Inc. is to create a superior museum environment at the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History by providing philanthropic and programmatic support for special exhibits, artifacts acquisition, educational programs, and community outreach.
Program: Brain Train: Summer STEAM Workshop
Brain Train is a new, hands-on program for families to work together to solve real-world problems. This helps children’s minds remain engaged over the summer and builds on achievement gains made during the school year. These programs will operate in a drop-in format, allowing a greater amount of attendance and increasing the impact in Cobb County. STEAM themes will include circuits, wheels, and pistons.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 800

**Kennesaw State University Foundation Inc.
The mission of the Center for Young Adult Addiction & Recovery is to support & encourage young adults in recovery who are studying for a college degree. The Center provides support, prevention programs, & engages in collaborative research. We improve the balance of the intellectual, emotional, physical, social, environmental, & spiritual development of students through awareness and education.
Program: KSU Owls Soar to Recovery: Prevention & Treatment of Substance Use & Eating Disorders in Young Adults & Adolescents
The co-occurring nature of substance addiction & eating disorders have historically been ignored & underfunded in society. The young adult population in the Cobb community is the perfect location to educate & intervene. Addiction education & prevention will be addressed by peer educators to the campus and selected high schools. Trainings for high school counselors and surrounding providers will be offered.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 2,900

Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc.
Leading Ladies of Legacy produces young women who have strong academic backgrounds, understand and build resilience, fight and overcome poverty, exude self-worth and confidence, give back to the community and display leadership. Through membership meetings, programs, events, and community service we will identify and challenge young women to develop compassion, confidence, and a commitment to service and leadership within their communities.
Program: Camp G.L.O.W. (Girls Leading Our World)
Camp G.L.O.W. is a 4 week summer camp that boosts girls’ confidence and self-esteem by enabling them to cultivate their exploration and discovery skills. Camp G.L.O.W. exposes young girls to life skills they will need to be successful in their future endeavors. They will refine vital qualities such as self-confidence, teamwork and leadership. Campers leave feeling a deeper commitment to sisterhood, academic excellence, creative integrity, professional goal setting, and their own social responsibility.
Amount Requested: $5,000
People Impacted: 35

Lekotek of Georgia
Lekotek’s vision is a world where children with special needs are included and empowered through play. Lekotek’s mission is to facilitate the inclusion of children with disabilities into their families, schools and communities by providing accessible play, adapted toys, technology, information and resources.
Program: Lekotek of Georgia’s Cobb Play / Learning Technology Program
Lekotek will expand its play / learning technology program. Special educators use innovative technology and adapted toys during hour long sessions with the child. This grant will make a difference for 160 current and 12 new Cobb families on our waiting list, increasing capacity. Additional staff time, adapted toys, computers and iPads will help make it possible for all children to reach their potential.
Amount Requested: $6,000
People Impacted: 688

**liveSAFE Resources (formerly YWCA of Northwest Georgia)
Our mission is to provide safety and healing to those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse by offering services, creating awareness and fostering support within our community.
Program: Moving Sustainably Away from Abuse
We propose expanding client assistance by providing moving funds to victims. Our clients usually have low incomes, and many start with nothing at all. Once a job is secured and income established, assistance with security deposits, utility deposits, and first- and last-month’s rent helps clients quickly secure an apartment and turn on utilities.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 13

**Loving Arms cancer Outreach, Inc
Having cancer is bad enough; patients should not have to worry about utility bills, medications costs, grocery costs, or the price of gas… but they do. Loving Arms is dedicated to instilling hope and joy as well as providing education and financial support to empower patients and their families throughout the cancer journey.
Program: Expansion of Gift Card Program
We request a $9,000 CCIG to provide 180 additional gas and grocery cards to Cobb County residents. With the growing number of people diagnosed with cancer, there is also a growing financial need. These cards will impact the community by ensuring more cancer patients in Cobb are able to get to their treatment appointments and buy nutritious food.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 380

Marietta Mentoring for Leadership
The mission of Marietta Mentoring for Leadership (MFL) is to match students of demonstrated potential yet limited opportunities, with community mentors and to provide  collegial experiences that encourage and support students to maximize their leadership potential and their personal, academic and future success.
Program: Parent Engagement Project/Marietta Mentoring for Leadership
Research shows programs whose parents work with staff are more likely to see positive changes in youth. The MFL will implement a parent advisory board in May; parent orientation with handbook and resource guide will be implemented in August. The October culminating activity will be a multicultural dinner for mentors, parents and students.
Amount Requested: $6,475
People Impacted: 44

Marietta Museum of History, Inc.
“Our mission is to Preserve and display the artifacts from Marietta and Cobb County and their role in world history; to Provide an educational, enlightening, and entertaining experience for all visitors; and to Promote discovery, curiosity, inspiration, and learning for people of all ages.
Partner with our community to help make it a desirable place to live, work, and play.”
Program: Tour Scholarships for students and adults with special needs
We believe that everyone deserves to be exposed to the cultural arts although it is not always financially possible. Funding from this grant will allow the MMH to provide FREE field trips to adults & students (grades 6-12) with special needs. We are requesting a grant of $5300 to staff & market our program to 60+ agencies. Success will be measured by the number of special needs adults & students that tour the MMH.
Amount Requested: $5,300
People Impacted: 1,475

**Marietta Police Athletic League
Marietta PAL’s mission is to prevent juvenile crime and violence by providing athletic, recreation and educational opportunities which create trust and build understanding between law enforcement and youth.
Program: Marietta PAL’s “Read & Seed – Summer of Service”
Marietta PAL’s Summer Camp will expand programming by implementing the “Read & Seed – Summer of Service” initiative, designed to combat summer reading loss, arm teens with life skills, job skills and up to 100 volunteer hours, while bridging generational connections. The program will include a “1,000,000 Minutes of Reading” community challenge, visits to childcare & senior centers & other community service projects.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 325

**Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art (MCMA)
Our mission is to build community through art. Creativity is a core human trait, so we provide programs and spaces for people to come together to express and nurture their own creativity and draw inspiration from the creativity of others.
Program: Color Wheels: Mobile Art Experience (created with a 2016 Impact Grant)
Color Wheels currently gives MCMA the ability to take art projects out into the community, but entering the truck is difficult. A ramp, folding stairs, and handrails will improve safety and provide access for people with physical disabilities. In addition, an exhibition system will allow us to take art exhibitions to people who cannot visit MCMA.
Amount Requested: $8,415
People Impacted: 14,000

**McKenna Farms Therapy Services
Our mission is to provide innovative therapeutic programs and resources for children with special needs and their families.
Program: Horses Helping Heroes
Program assists veterans with a purposeful reintegration into the community through equine-assisted activities. Based on individual needs (PTSD, etc.), veterans work towards cognitive, social emotional, and physical goals. This grant would expand the program and allow us to offer therapeutic riding by funding the purchase of a larger horse to accommodate adults, adaptive riding equipment, and scholarships.
Amount Requested: $8,000
People Impacted: 25

**MUST Ministries, Inc.
MUST Ministries’ mission is serving our neighbors in need…transforming lives and communities. Started as a church ministry in 1971, MUST now serves close to 30,000 people. Based in Cobb County, MUST serves the poorest residents of the area, helping meet their immediate needs for food, shelter and clothing while also providing the resources and training for employment and self-sufficiency.
Program: MUST Save-It-Forward program (school food pantries)
Children cannot grow and learn when they are hungry. In Cobb County, 44% of the 113,000 students receive free or reduced lunch and face food insecurity at home. MUST Ministries Save It Forward (“MUST SIF”) works to eliminate hunger so that at-risk students have a greater opportunity to succeed in school and life. Families are provided 80 pounds of groceries and toiletries monthly at 24 school-based food pantries.
Amount Requested: $7,200
People Impacted: 440

Out of Box Theatre
Out of Box Theatre aims to captivate audiences with a dynamic approach to theatre and a dedication to creating a one-of-a-kind, intimate experience. We work cooperatively with others to expand the possibilities of the productions we create. We believe we play a key role in helping to create a strong, sustainable business community in Cobb.
Program: Out of Box Theatre’s Season Productions – Exploring the Boundaries and Expanding Your World
Exploring the Boundaries and Expanding Your World includes an original play by a local playwright, a play that explores the issue of race, a play that deals with problems the youth in our society often face, a play that explores the boundaries of reality tv and the remount of a musical with a passionate fanbase who came from all over the country.
Amount Requested: $8,000
People Impacted: 2,500

Realm Ministries Inc.
Our mission is to share God’s love in very tangible ways, by providing a hand up to those who find themselves stretched beyond their means.
Program: Teachers Classroom Supplies for Cobb County
Realm will make classroom supplies (paper, staplers, pens, pencils, copiers, erasers, glue, notebooks, and more) available to teachers to keep them from spending individual income on class room supplies, and to provide needed items to Cobb County students.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 3,325

**Right in the Community, Inc.
Ritc is committed to promoting opportunities for all people with developmental disabilities to live full, productive, self-determined lives of the highest quality by fostering local communities which embrace all people.
Program: Right in the Community Shredding Initiative
The Ritc Community Shredding Initiative took 15 adults with disabilities out of day care facilities and put them to work in pre-vocational program which taught them shredding skills along with work readiness. We want to be able to expand the worker base with clients from another day program and serve up to 20-25 new clients.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 350

**SafePath Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc.
SafePath’s mission is to reduce the trauma to children and their families by offering a comprehensive, professional, and child-friendly approach to allegations of child abuse.
Program: Expand crisis intervention services for child victims of abuse and their families.
SafePath provides crisis, forensic, mental health, medical and advocacy services for child victims of abuse and their families. In 2016, child maltreatment reports for Cobb increased by 28% over 2015. Increased demand for services and need for increased availability of hours will be met through creation of a Child & Family Advocate position.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 750

Senior Citizens Council of Cobb County
Organized in 1973 as a nonprofit, the Senior Citizens Council of Cobb County (Council) has a mission to advocate for the common good and welfare of Cobb County’s adults aged 55 and older. The Council promotes the general welfare of senior citizens through programs and activities designed to inform, maintain health and well-being; develop and maintain partnerships with people and organizations whose missions align with our own, to benefit aging adults.
Program: SENIORS GO An expanded, affordable transportation program for Cobb Seniors
The Seniors GO program provides affordable Uber/Lyft rides ($2 per trip) for Cobb seniors to travel safely around metro Atlanta to attend to health, medical, wellness, educational and social needs. A need exists for affordable, minimally restrictive, door-to-door transportation that allow seniors who cannot drive to get around independently. This grant will allow the program to serve 200 new riders.
Amount Requested: $7,000
People Impacted: 530

**Ser Familia, Inc.
Ser Familia, Inc.’s mission is to strengthen, revitalize, and better equip Latino individuals, youth, couples, parents, and families through programs which empower them to thrive and enjoy a healthy family environment. Founded in 2001, Ser Familia is the leading comprehensive, multidisciplinary social services program for Latino families in Georgia.
Program: New Tele-Psychiatry program in Spanish in Cobb County
We will expand our mental health program by adding Tele-psychiatry service. Psychiatry services in Spanish are none-existent in Cobb. This new service will start to close that gap. Priority is given to domestic violence victims, their children, survivors of suicide and others who currently go un-served. Best practices indicate that medication management along with counseling offer the best possible outcomes.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 65

**Simple Needs GA
To meet the simple needs of children, people experiencing homelessness, and others in need, while inspiring our community to do the same. We strive to fill in the gaps for services not generally provided by other organizations, giving individuals a sense of worth to help them see beyond their circumstances.
Program: My Birthday Matters (MBM), Shoe Them Love (STL), Comfort Kits (CK), Simply Fed (SF)
1st 3 programs – There are many children we cannot provide for but with this grant we can help more by adding more recipients. MBM provides homeless children requested gifts on their birthdays. STL – we buy $25 gift cards for school social workers who buy shoes for kids. SF provides food on the weekends to kids. CK are duffel bags packed with full-sized toiletries for residents at local homeless shelters; we will add another item to the bags.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 1,370

**Smith-Gilbert Gardens Foundation
The mission of the Smith-Gilbert Gardens Foundation is to support Smith-Gilbert Gardens as a resource for conservation, education and enjoyment of horticulture, fine arts and historic preservation.
Program: Garden with Wings Butterfly House – Project Pollinator
Pollinators are responsible for 1 out of 3 bites of food you take every day. Yet their survival is uncertain. Through a 1500 square foot butterfly house plus adjacent pollinator garden, we will introduce visitors of all ages to pollinators, offer ideas to support pollinators at home and connect people with nature and science in an engaging way.
Amount Requested: $6,200
People Impacted: 3,500

Smyrna Public Safety Foundation
Our mission is to encourage and strengthen the partnership between the community and its public safety personnel.
Program: Equipping Smyrna Police with Emergency Tactical Medical Kits
Equipping all Smyrna Police Officers with Tactical Medical Kits would enable them to immediately administer life-saving treatment to injuries in Active Shooter situations, SWAT encounters, and stand-offs. The officers currently have no equipment to perform these critical tasks. Smyrna would be the first police agency in GA with this capability.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 54,100

South Cobb Arts Alliance (SCAA)/ Friends of the Mable House
SCAA builds our community by encouraging appreciation and active participation in the visual arts, performing arts and local heritage. The Friends of the Mable House (a division of SCAA) work to preserve and improve the unique antebellum property and connect our community with the rich legacy of our area’s pioneers, both European and enslaved.
Program: Rebuilding and restoration of the antebellum kitchen house on the 1843 Mable House property
A GSU historic structure report identified these issues with the kitchen house: rotten wood, mold, rodent infestation, water damage, unstable foundation, and historically inaccurate renovation. Cobb County P A R K S is partnering with Friends of the Mable House to restore the kitchen house to a historically accurate and functional condition.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 5,250

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia (House of Dreams – Project)
The St. Vincent de Paul House of Dreams is a temporary housing program serving homeless women in Cobb County.  The mission of the House of Dreams is to provide homeless, single women in Cobb County with the opportunity and support they need to change their lives and become self-reliant.
Program: House of Dreams – Expand for a 2nd House
This grant will enable us to expand and open a 2nd House, thereby doubling the number of homeless women we serve in Cobb County.  We can quickly rent another apartment in Smyrna, and secure additional volunteers from St. Thomas the Apostle parish.  All we need is the funding to move forward.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 9

Strength Through Faith Community Center, DBA/ Connecting Generations
We exist to address the social needs that both youth and seniors have in common through the engagement of intergenerational activities that build and dispel prejudices. By bridging the gap between two generations, we promote support, caring, and guidance for our two most vulnerable members of society, the elderly and youth.
Program: The Etiquette Training Session was designed to create an intergenerational dialogue between our senior and youth.
The Etiquette program has helped our seniors find a new role in our community; teaching our youth important yet simple social skills. All ages come together to learn about communication skills and dining skills. The senior citizens realized, with joy, that they were not too old to learn about proper etiquette. They also feel a greater sense of connectedness to the youth through the engagement of the programs.
Amount Requested: $3,750
People Impacted: 200

Telecom Professionals for Social Responsibility
Telecom Professionals for Social Responsibility is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to meet the education, social and psychological needs of the most vulnerable in our community, the underserved youth in Cobb County. Our programs focus on educating and instructing youth on the subject of bullying in order to provide them with the tools they need to overcome this negative behavior.
Program: Camp Integrity II
The program strengthens the social fabric of our community through the development of refined social skills. While enhancing the virtues of sincerity, respect, kindness and focus on negating the effects of bullying. Many stay home from school due to the fear of bullying. Bullying forms will be defined; to correct the response to being bullied or seeing others bullied and how to become an anti-bullying advocate.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 120

**The Center for Children & Young Adults
Established in 1981, by Sen. Johnny Isakson, Marietta-Cobb Junior League, Cobb Juvenile Court, & Cobb DFCS; the CCYA mission is to provide comprehensive services & shelter housing 24/7, in a nurturing home-like environment to homeless youth and young adults, in Cobb County, who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, and/or commercially exploited.
Program: Healthy Hoop Harvest: CCYA Youth Farm to Table Year Round Expansion Project
The Healthy Hoop Harvest project will expand the CCYA Youth Farm-to-Table program by extending the growing months from 8 to 12 for year-round growing; cooking; sharing & consuming of nutritional meals by homeless youth & low income residents in Cobb.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 350

The Edge Connection
Our mission is to provide community and comprehensive entrepreneurial education, support, and resources targeting women, minorities, veterans, and low- to moderate-income individuals.
Program: Edge Online
Edge Online is an expansion of our services, a project to deliver training online. Officials from Austell and Powder Springs have reached out to us, asking for our services in their area. Online offerings would allow us to reach these residents much sooner and much more economically than developing satellite offices across the county.
Amount Requested: $8,500
People Impacted: 300

**The Salvation Army Cobb County Corp
The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination.
Program: The Salvation Army Summer Day Camp Program: In 2016 we served 25 children. In 2017 we’ll serve 50. The Summer Day Camp Program provides a safe and positive environment for students. This grant will help us meet the ever growing population of students who would benefit from our program, which promotes self-esteem and offers opportunities for recreation and creative learning through academics, health and fitness, life skills and the arts.
Amount Requested: $7,500
People Impacted: 200

Turning Point Enterprises Inc.
Mission: Turning Point Enterprises, Inc. (TPE) provides individuals support and opportunities to achieve their full potential and empower them to become self-sufficient.
Program:  “Skills for Life Anti Bullying Program”
TPE is expanding services to include parents to provide them with education and training on Bullying through workshops and seminars. It will enhance communication, understanding and awareness on how bullying affects their child. The purpose, outcome and to summarize the program is to become a change agent on the war against bullying.
Amount Requested: $8,950
People Impacted: 1,000

**Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia (VRS)
VRS is dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages who are visually impaired, blind, or deaf-blind so that they may function independently in all of their environments.
Program: VRS is expanding our “GAP” Funding Program to keep up with the demands of a growing population.
The most vulnerable visually impaired population not receiving services is age 19-54. We are seeking funds for this undeserved population. “GAP” services may include the following: Low Vision Evaluations (LVE), independent living skills, adjustment to vision loss counseling, access technology training, and orientation and mobility classes.
Amount Requested: $4,500
People Impacted: 20

**YMCA of Metro Atlanta
At the YMCA we believe that all people, especially children, deserve an equal chance to reach their full potential and should prepare themselves to connect to and serve the community. Our work is grounded by our four part agenda – to ensure school readiness, improve the academic achievement, inspire civic leadership, and empower healthy living.
Program: The YMCA Summer Lunch Break / Hunger Relief
Currently we reach less than 10% of Cobb students receiving free/reduced lunches. Many are home during school breaks with little/no access to food while their parents work. Providing more than a healthy lunch, it offers fun outdoor activities, allowing social time with friends. This grant will help The Y reach more of those who struggle with hunger
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 10,000

**Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading, and Serving, Inc.
The mission of YELLS is to empower youth to rise as active, healthy, and productive servant-leaders within their communities. We envision communities where youth have voice and value and ensure they possess the leadership skills, confidence, character, and collaborative networks needed to shape their world.
Program: YELLS Summer of Success
The CCIG will fulfill the pleas from families to revive the YELLS Summer of Success, which was cut in 2015 due to funding. A six-week summer camp will close the achievement gap, accelerate learning, and build community by empowering youth with hands-on STEAM and literacy instruction and YELLS’s unique leadership and service learning curriculum.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 120

**Zion Keepers, Inc
The mission of Zion Keepers, Inc. is to provide high quality services to adult homeless males and low income individuals who are struggling with life controlling issues by providing housing, substance abuse prevention/ intervention, Life-Skills training and community collaboration.
Program: Project Hope -Life Skills development.
By providing Life skills classes to give social skills plus basic home skills to the clients in our permanent and transitional housing programs to focus on the following topics: self esteem /awareness, budgeting/Financial, mental health awareness, healthy behaviors relationships, cleanliness and job readiness for those looking for employment.
Amount Requested: $9,000
People Impacted: 28