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Inspiring charitable giving, building resources for the future and connecting donors who care with causes that matter

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25th Anniversary Event

Tribute to our Founders

March 1, 2019

Many seniors are hearing the phrase “Qualified Charitable Distribution” or “QCD” from their accountants this time of year.  The idea is, if you are over 70 ½, instead of taking your required distribution from your IRA and handling your charitable contributions separately, you merge them together by having up to $100,000 sent directly from your… Read more »

Our Stories
February 28, 2019

Over 75 years ago, the legacy of aviation in the local area began.  Since then, the story has grown to include several major aviation manufacturers, multiple active and reserve military installations, thousands of veterans, hundreds of thousands of individual stories, and an immeasurable impact to the community.  The Aviation Museum of Cobb, a rebranding of… Read more »

March 1, 2019

Thanks to the generosity of so many at our 25th Anniversary Celebration, a total of $100,000 will be will be awarded to ten to twenty non-profit organizations serving Cobb County, and we can’t wait to see the impact! Take a look at the video below to see the difference a small amount can make. Over the course… Read more »