What is the difference between setting up a charitable fund through an investment firm and establishing a fund at Cobb Community Foundation?

We do much more than provide the check writing services of a gift fund at a brokerage. We work with you and your client to identify the causes that are important to them, then connect them with the organizations that are making a difference. We develop personal relationships with our donors that create a level of flexibility that often does not exist at larger organizations, and we also create opportunities for our donors to meet other donors to learn how they are making the most of their relationship with Cobb Community Foundation.


What is the difference between setting up a private foundation and creating a Donor-Advised Fund (what we call “Giving Fund”) at Cobb Community Foundation?

A fund with Cobb Community Foundation offers the advantages of a private foundation without most of the expense and hassle. As a public charity, we offer donors the maximum charitable tax deductions available, without the limitations imposed on charitable contributions to private foundations.  Compare and contrast private foundations to Donor-Advised Funds here.


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