In 2014, our former Executive Director Mayor Tommy Allegood worked closely with the Cobb Board of Commissioners to create a mechanism for encouraging the creation of new programs and the expansion of existing ones where a relatively small investment could make a significant impact. Between 2015 and 2017, the County made available $820,000 for the Cobb Community Impact Grants. Private and corporate donors provided $936,795 in matching dollars, and nearly 325,000 Cobb residents were impacted in some form or another.

Funding for the grants is now being raised by Cobb Community Foundation. Beginning in 2019, $100,000 will be awarded in Cobb Community Impact Grants. The objectives of this program remain unchanged.

  • To leverage opportunities for non-profits in which a moderate amount of grant money will achieve significant results
  • To encourage organizations to expand and create programs that meet community needs
  • To give priority consideration to organizations that provide matching funds of any amount
  • To support organizations that can show future sustainability of the Cobb Community Impact Grant programs through their operating budgets

These grants will support programs and projects that create Quality of Life in Cobb County through Cobb County non-profit organizations that accomplish the following to and for the citizens of Cobb County

  • Deliver human services
  • Inspire education opportunities
  • Promote and develop cultural arts
  • Create health initiatives
  • Improve the well-being of vulnerable populations
  • Improve community livability
  • Make an environmental impact

See the list of 2017 Cobb Community Impact Grant recipients here, the amounts of their grant, the matching funds provided by private donors, and the total number of people impacted »